July 25, 2012

Mally Face Defender Liquid Foundation in Medium - swatches, before & after, pics

Hello, Beautiful!

I am obsessed with Mally products and always look forward to what she's going to introduce next. One of her newest products, her Face Defender Liquid Foundation, caught my attention - but with caution. I was cautious because I wasn't sure it would provide enough coverage. For some reason I was thinking this was more of a BB Cream or tinted moisturizer - but it's not! After using it, I was really impressed with the coverage, although still not full coverage to cover all my flaws. I liked the way it went on my skin and the staying power - even on my oily skin. I think this is a great foundation, and when my skin isn't having a huge freak out (like at the moment) this will be all my skin needs. For now though, I pair this with a powder foundation on top, and/or concealer, to get a flawless face.

Check out my pics, swatches, stats, and review... click on pics to view them larger.

Mally Face Defender Liquid Foundation
Shade: Medium

Mally Face Defender Liquid Foundation
Before & After

Basic Stats for Mally Face Defender Liquid Foundation:
Formula: liquid - although more of a creamy mousse texture
Wear: average to above average
Coverage: light to medium; buildable
Shade Info: currently available in 5 shades
Cost/Availability: $45.00 (1.8 fl oz full size). Available on QVC's website, and eventually on Mally's website.
Packaging: squeeze tube with twist-off cap
My Rating: 4 out of 5 Kisses

This oil-free liquid foundation has a creamy mousse-like texture that glides onto skin like silk and blends in like a dream. Skin feels velvety smooth, skintone appears even, and skin looks beautiful. Contains anti-aging ingredients and SPF 15.

Average to above average wear. For me, this had great wear on its own and even better when paired with a primer. Touch-up's are simple and blend effortlessly. 

I list this as a light to medium coverage foundation. Depending how you apply, this foundation could easily go from light to medium coverage... even full coverage depending on what you consider full coverage.

Shade Info:
Currently available in 5 shades.

$45.00 (1.8 fl oz full size). Available on QVC's website, and eventually on Mally's website.

Squeeze tube with twist-off cap.

Mally Face Defender Liquid Foundation Review:
I always like to try new foundations, especially from Mally. This foundation caught my attention but I really wasn't sure if this would be a good fit for me and all the flaws I need to cover. I don't know why, but I thought this would be more like a tinted moisturizer or BB cream. I was pleasantly surprised to see the coverage, the texture, and the way my skin looked.

The Medium shade I chose was a great match for my skintone. A lot of people complain that Mally's foundation have too much orange in them, and I agree that sometimes they can (especially the Medium shade), but this was a great Medium color that seemed to be perfect.

The texture of this liquid foundation is more like a creamy mousse. It glides onto skin like silk and blends in effortlessly. It dries down in a few minutes, which is pretty quick for my oily skintone, and leaves your skin velvety soft and smooth. I find myself using my fingers to apply (clean, just-washed fingers), because the warmth from my hands perfectly blends everything. You can use a sponge or brush, of course, but you could throw this in your bag and apply with your fingers without any worry of spotty application.

The coverage is light to medium, although you can build the coverage. Depending how you apply this, you could get light to full coverage. It doesn't feel heavy or look cakey. It looks natural and once dried down, feels like nothing on your skin.

Overall, I was really happy with this foundation. I call it my effortless foundation because it takes seconds to apply and quickly makes my face look great. I look forward to using it more! I'd recommend checking it out!

Now let me know what you think...
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  1. Great review! I have never tried it... I think I have never even heard about this brand before :)

  2. Like what I see here. My BIGGIE with foundation is does it last more than 3-4 hrs and does it rub off (transfer). I cannot stand to hug someone, pull back and realize I have left makeup all over their clothing! The price point on this with tax and shipping is a bit high. I really am liking right now TARTE Full coverage foundation as well as their Amazonian clay Smooth Operator (think it's called that still) with spf - it's like the tinted moisturizer version of the full coverage Tarte foundation. They both last really a long time on. I have had problems with Mally products for some reason with them not holding up...other than a stick kind of eye color that literally it would last 2 days if I did not wash my face!


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