May 3, 2012

Been busy... I'm coming back to blogging soon! Plus, giveaway news!

Hello, Beautiful!

Life has taken a very busy turn. It seems more things keep popping up and I have had zero time to dedicate to blogging. I promise I will make another post ASAP (probably tomorrow at some point). I've just been so busy in real life that blogging life has temporarily taken a back seat.

Another giveaway is coming up very soon! I've been putting items together for another big pack of goodies for one lucky reader!

Stay tuned and I'll be back to blogging ASAP!


  1. yay!! Welcome back.. I def. understand about the real life being busy and having time to blog.. I try to dedicate one full day to get ready for blog post "pictures and such" then just make my posts ahead of time =).. that way all i have to do is press publish when the day comes <3 .. Glad to see you're back.. can't wait for your posts

  2. You've been missed!! But I know how you feel! Can't wait to see all that you have planned!

  3. Hope all is well! Life is what happens when you're making other plans, as they say. Take care and I'll be looking for new posts soon. ;)


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