September 26, 2010

Review: Sula Paint And Peel Nail Polish in Dove

Hello, Beautiful!

I really did try to take the entire weekend off to rest and get better from this stupid cold. But after trying out a new nail polish I had to come on here and write a review. I'm still sick, and will be back in bed after writing this, but I was just so disappointed in this polish that I had to write about it now! This should actually be a WTF Beauty post!

The nail polish: Sula Paint And Peel Nail Polish. The shade: Dove.

As shown below in the photos this polish looks like a pretty gray color - which I've been on the search for. It looks like a great mid-tone gray - not so dark that it looks black or charcoal, and not so light that it looks silver. I thought I had finally found my perfect gray polish!

That is until I actually used it. When I first applied it I thought it looked like a good color, although it went on really streaky. But sometimes when a polish is streaky it will even out by the second coat. Which is sort of did, but a third coat would really be needed to get the even coverage and by the time I was done with one coat on my right hand and two coats on my left hand, I was finished with this.

The color is a lie. It goes on looking like it does in the bottle, but it dries a completely different shade (which I'll show in the photo below). It dries down to this muddy purple/brown shade.

[Sorry for the sloppy polish application - I'm sick and just wanted to try it out, I wasn't going for perfection.]

I don't know if this happens to every color in their polish line, but this color sure doesn't deliver the way it shows in the bottle. And I'm not happy with the end results. I don't like that shade, especially since I wasn't going for that shade. I was going for a mid-tone gray.

It does peel off - so you don't need polish remover. But it peels off pretty easily, which means you can "chip" your nail and start the peeling process. I don't even know what I did to my one finger but it started to peel up within 10 minutes of applying it. It doesn't peel off all that easily. You kind of have to scrape your nail to get it off, and that can hurt if you have sensitive nails. I'll stick to a polish remover!

The only good thing is this polish dries quickly. Within about a minute you're all dry and ready for the next coat. But what use is that if you're getting these awful end results?

Has anyone tried this brand of polish? If so, what were your results? I'd be interested to hear how other shades dried in comparison to what they looked like in the bottle.

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  1. my fave foundation is Max Factor cream stick foundation. It has great coverage! Unfortunately though, it is hard to find!


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