September 7, 2010

If they put a mermaid into a nail polish bottle...

Hello, Beautiful!

I recently picked up a few Nicole by OPI polishes from their Gossip Girl Collection. I found them on clearance at Target for around $3.50 each. I picked up three of the four shades that are available (I didn't really care for the darkest shade they had available).

I had to do a rush job on painting my nails tonight. I knew I wanted to try out one of my new polishes and without hesitation I selected the "Nicole... Spotted!" shade. Which brings me to the topic of my blog post.

This shade truly looks like they took a mermaid and created her into a nail polish color. It's the perfect aqua-marine green with sparkles - which reminds me of a mermaids tail/fin (whatever you want to call it). And the fact that it has sparkle in it really throws me over board in love with this color. It actually reminds me of "The Little Mermaid" Ariel doll I used to have as a child. It was a bath toy and I remember how her mermaid tail/fin shimmered and shined so beautifully.

In the swatches below I have on three coats - but two coats looked great too. I just couldn't put this color down because I was so in love with it, which is how I ended up with three coats.

The photos don't do this color justice! This shade looks way prettier in person.

What do you think of this color? Do you own it? Did you pick up any of the other Nicole by OPI Gossip Girl polishes?

xoxo with love & beauty,

Crystal Valentine B.
- The woman who runs

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