August 4, 2010

Want an inexpensive face mask that gives you super soft skin?

Hello, Beautiful!

Today I want to talk about an inexpensive way to get super soft skin using a non-skincare product.

What is this non-skincare product that gives you super soft skin? It's Milk of Magnesia!

You don't need to buy a brand name (like shown above). I bought a bottle of Assured Milk of Magnesia for $1 at the dollar store.

You may be asking "what is Milk of Magnesia?". It's a laxative and antacid. Yeah... not something you instantly think of using when thinking about soft skin.

Here's how you use it:

Use a cotton ball and apply the Milk of Magnesia all over your face, just like you're applying a facial mask. You don't need to apply a lot and it will look clear (maybe a little white) on your face when you first apply it.

Then, leave it on about 10 minutes (you can leave it on for up to 20 minutes - which is what I try to do).

As the Milk of Magnesia dries it will turn white and your face will feel tighter.

TIP: After you apply this mask sit back and relax until you're ready to take it off. Don't talk, don't move - especially once it begins to dry. It will flake off if you talk and that can make a big mess - and it tastes awful if you get it in your mouth!

Once your 10 minutes is up (or 20 minutes), wash it off with warm water. As you wash it off, your face will instantly feel like velvety, silky soft! Pat your face dry and enjoy the results! Of course you should follow up with your facial moisturizer, but your face will be so soft after using this product just once!

Give it a try and let me know your results!

xoxo with love & beauty,

Crystal Valentine B.
- The woman who runs

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