August 9, 2010

Laura Geller, you've finally got me!

Hello, Beautiful!

I've tried many beauty brands over the years - from low-end, to drugstore brand, to luxury brands. I know what I like, I know what works for me. Laura Geller never worked for me. Yet for some reason I would continue to try her products because they seem so promising. But sadly, few deliver and for the longest time I had sworn off Laura Geller.

That is until my most recent Laura Geller purchase - well, more like a Laura Geller haul!

I picked up several items, most of which did not impress me, but there was one item in particular that I am going ga-ga over! It's her Real Deal Concealer!
It's no secret that I need full coverage when it comes to concealer - but really, who doesn't? That's why you're using a concealer! There are so many full coverage concealers that lie. They say they're full coverage but they're not. They say they're long lasting, but they're not. This concealer does not lie!

First, let me say that I have a VERY small tube of this. I got this in a kit, so it's not full sized. It looks like a sample size you would get free with a purchase. I was scared and worried that maybe I over paid for the product, but I didn't want to commit to the full sized tube until I tried it - plus, I got a few other Laura Geller products in the kit to try as well.

While the tube was small, I think it's going to last a very long time. This truly is a concealer where a little amount will do your entire face - yes, you're entire face!!!!!! I have so many acne scars to cover (to the point where it looks like a bunch of big freckles) and this does the trick beautifully. I was truly amazed at how little you need to make it work. Seriously, just a small amount of product!! I wish I took pics of how little you need, and I eventually will (to publish on the Valentine Beauty Closet).

If you haven't tried this product and are on the hunt for a great concealer, this is one I highly recommend. I may even recommend this over my original favorite (Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer) - and I never thought I would recommend anything over that!

The only downfall is the shade selection. With the Make Up For Ever concealer you have like 13 shades (I forget how many - but there are many). I believe this only comes in Fair, Light, Medium, and Deep. It keeps it simple, but it may not work for all skin types. I picked this up in Medium and it's a tad light for a medium shade, but still works great!

Swatches, tutorial, and more on this concealer to follow on the Valentine Beauty Closet (coming soon to

Have you tried this concealer? If so, what are your thoughts?

xoxo with love & beauty,

Crystal Valentine B.
- The woman who runs

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