July 13, 2010

Smashbox Classifeyed Palette - $15 at Sephora.com!

Hello, Beautiful!

I probably should have made this post earlier, but I've been neck deep in new inventory for the website and I'm just now getting around to posting this.

Sephora has weekly specials now, which is something that is draining my wallet (so please keep ordering from ValentineKisses.com so I can afford my Sephora addiction... I kid, I kid... sorta LOL).

This week one of their specials is the Smashbox Classifeyed Eyeshadow Palette for $15. When you read this post that link may no longer go to the product since they've been known to remove these specials (like the $5 Smashbox lipgloss) once they sell out, but I figured I'd post the link incase you're lucky enough to grab this.

This palette was actually a part of a Smashbox set (which is sold at Ulta for $47 and includes a few items - which in comparision to this deal of a price makes the set seem way over priced). The palette includes 6 full sized eyeshadows. For the price, it's a great deal. One Smashbox shadow is $16 (unless you buy it at ValentineKisses.com - we sell them for $5.99 each).

(Now I will copy/paste part of my Sephora.com review and insert swatch pictures. Oh and  incase you're wondering, which nobody is, my nickname on Sephora is valentinephoto).

The compact has a nice big mirror and includes a mini duo-ended brush. I normally toss any mini brushes that come with compacts/palettes but this brush actually isn't awful (it's not amazing either, but it's usable).

The colors themselves are a hit or miss when it comes to pigmentation. Some are highly pigmented, others not so much. I've also noticed that different people are reporting different degrees of pigmentation with each shade. So you may get a good palette or you may get a bad one. Use a shadow primer and you won't run into any issues and it will be worth your money.

If numbering them 1 through 6, going left to right, here is my opinion on each shade:

Top Row:

1. This is a shimmery warm sand shade. The pigmentation is just so-so with this one.

2. A really pretty medium brown shade that has a copper undertone. The pigmentation on this one was really good.

3. A milk chocolate brown. The pigmentation on this was not good. Just to get a swatch of it took more shadow than other shades. 2nd worst pigmentation out of all of them.

Bottom Row:

4. This is a light vanilla shade. This actually had the worst pigmentation out of all of the shades.

5. LOVE this color! This is a pretty shimery violet with good pigmentation.

6. LOVE this color too! This is a beautiful eggplant purple with great pigmentation (probably the best pigmentation out of all shades).

Over all I really love this palette. The price is unbeatable for what you're receiving.

You can wear the shades by themselves or together. Wear the darker shades (3 and 6) as liner if you don't want to go dark all over the lids. I actually really like wearing the dark brown (3) as a liner, which gives a nice smoky effect.

Did you pick this up? Will you be picking this up? Thoughts?

xoxo with love & beauty,

Crystal Valentine Burhans
- The woman who runs ValentineKisses.com

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