June 10, 2015

Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liners - shades Crimson, Shocking Pink, Peony - swatches, pics, review

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Lip liners are one of those products that I'm either always using, or never using. I go back and forth. I love the look that a lip liner can provide; perfect definition, shape modification, and enhancing/complimenting your topping lip color. But I'm sometimes lazy and skip lip liner all together, especially if I have to sharpen it. The Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liners are perfect liners for us lazy girls who would prefer to forget the sharpener all together.

I have three shades to share with you. Check out all the product info, along with my full review, after the pics!

Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liner
Shades: Crimson, Shocking Pink, Peony
Continue scrolling down to see more pics of each individual shade.

Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liner
Shade: Crimson
For whatever reason, the end cap to this liner was missing when I received it, but it doesn't affect the way this product works, so I really don't mind. My OCD for lining these up in a picture, however, was a little mad though lol.

Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liner
Shade: Shocking Pink

Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liner
Shade: Peony

Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liner Info & Review
Cost: $20.00 (0.009 oz full size)
Availability: Available on the Smashbox website, at Sephora, at Ulta, and everywhere else Smashbox is sold.
My Rating: 4 out of 5 Kisses


A long-wearing, water-resistant lip liner that self-sharpens every time you twist the cap.

Give your lips the ultimate lip look with this lip liner that lasts. These lip liners feature tiny built-in sharpeners in the tip of the cap, so that they conveniently self-sharpen every time you twist off the cap. Enhance the shape of lips with this precise tip that can accentuate your cupid's bow for fullness, or line your inside edges for a slimming effect. The color-matched sculpting lets you match to an array of lip colors, and its water-resistant formula ensures that the lip liner does not smudge, feather or bleed.

Currently available in 16 shades.


As  I mentioned at the top of this review, I can get lazy when it comes to using lip liner... mostly when it comes time to sharpen it. I'll admit it, I usually don't sharpen it when needed and instead choose another lip liner that's already sharpened and ready to go. Of course I've run into the matter that I have done that to all my lip liners and needed to resharpen all at once. Sigh. Lazy girl makeup problems.

Since I can't seem to spare 5 seconds to sharpen a lip liner, I definitely was eager to get my hands on the Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liners. They're a twist up, which is great to begin with, but the part that makes them even better is that as you're closing them/opening them -- basically any twist of the cap -- it means you are sharpening them. So not only can you just twist them up, but you can always have a sharp point.

With 16 shades, there is one for everyone. I have three shades: two pink tones - one brighter and one lighter - as well as a red tone. Even though I don't wear red lipstick more than maybe 2 to 4 times a year, I do like to wear red lip liner under certain pink lip colors to add depth.

These liners have great staying power too! The Shocking Pink shade almost stains your lips, sticking around for hours and hours, and then some. Of course since it's a product you apply to your lips, how long it will last is completely dependent on what you are doing; i.e.: eating, drinking, kissing, etc.

I do think the shades Crimson and Shocking Pink go on nicely - not overly creamy but just smooth enough to get an even application and glide. However, the shade Peony was a bit different. It even swatched patchy and felt much drier and didn't look as nice on the lips. I don't know if that's just a result of it being a lighter shade; sometimes the darker/brighter shades in certain products apply better. This may just be one of those situations - but I'm not sure, as I haven't swatched any other shades.

Aside from Peony being a bit of an odd ball, probably the only downside is the price point compared to the amount of product you actually receive -- at least that's what I seem to read the most. To me, I think it's pretty typical of a twist-up lip pencil style. Most have on average around 0.01 oz, which is just a tad more than the Smashbox liners at 0.009 (just 0.001 less than most others of similar style). Now of course pencil lip liners will have more product - that's just the way it tends to be. To give you some perspective on size, the Smashbox liners are nearly the same size as the Too Faced Perfect Lip Liners and the Rimmel Exaggerate Full Color Lip Liners. And to compare it to a product that is often said to get used up too quickly, the Anastasia Brow Wiz is only 0.003 oz, meaning you get three times as much with the Smashbox liner. I just wanted to add all that in for those that might have read those reviews saying there isn't enough product in the pencil for the price point - because it really is comparable.

Considering how well these apply (minus the Peony shade), the color selection, lasting power, and not needing a sharpener - which is a HUGE plus for me - I think these are worth the cost of admission, especially if it's a color you know you'll get wear time from. What are your thoughts?

Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of these lip liners? Have you tried them, or would you consider adding them to your beauty wish list? Discuss in the comments below!

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Crystal Valentine

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. However, these products were sent to me for consideration. I am not being paid to make this post, nor has the company influenced me in any way. I have made this post because I wanted to, not because I had to. These are my honest opinions, thoughts and experiences.

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