December 11, 2012

Born Pretty Store - Gold Square Studs - pics, review, NOTD

Hello, Beautiful!

I've been on the search for gold square studs for nail art decoration and finally found them at the Born Pretty Store. You can get a bag of 2mm gold studs for $5.73 (as low as $5.10 per bag if you buy in bulk). Check out my pics, review and NOTD using these gold studs. Use the code ASJ61 to save 10% on your Born Pretty Store order.

Check out my pics, swatches, info, review, and NOTD... click on pics to view them larger.

Born Pretty Store
2mm Gold Studs

Born Pretty Store 2mm Gold Studs Info & Review:
Cost/Availability: $5.73 (per bag). Available on the Born Pretty Store website. Use the code ASJ61 to save 10% on your Born Pretty Store order.
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Kisses!

These gold stud nail decorations are 2mm in size and can be used on natural or fake nails. You could also use them for other crafting purposes, but I'd personally suggest using them for your nails.

Easy to apply; just apply over wet polish (I use a top coat as my "glue" - Seche Clear). I used tweezers to put them onto my nail. You can use a top coat to seal them on, which is what I recommend, since it will help them last longer (which I did in the photos). If you use a gel nail system you can embed them in to your gel nails; same with acrylic.

They are sold by the bag, starting at $5.73 each and going down in price (per bag) if you buy in multiples (saving you a little money on each bag). On the website it doesn't list how many gold studs you receive, but I took the time to count them and there are almost 500 gold studs in the bag (498 in my bag), giving you plenty of uses from this one bag of studs.

The bag they come in is resealable, but I use little jars to store my nail art in.

I'd recommend these; they are a great size, easy to use, and stay on the nail easily because of their slightly curved design.

Now let me know what you think...
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  1. i love the studs,colors are nice..matching really well for black colours..:)

  2. I was thinking of buying these and after seeing your mani I won't be able to postpone it any longer :D

  3. I'm fall in love for studs! This manicure is really beautiful! :)

  4. This must have taken you forever, but waay worth it doll!

  5. @ Freshie: Surprisingly, this was a quick mani! It took me longer to paint my nails than to apply them. They went on super easy :)


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