November 21, 2010

Wet n Wild Rock Solid Nail Lacquer in 228 Ice Crystals: Review & Swatches

Hello, Beautiful!

Just a quick reminder before I start my review & swatches of Wet n Wild's Rock Solid Nail Lacquer in #228 Ice Crystals. Now through November 26, 2010 you can receive a FREE 5-pc Beauty Bonus (all FULL SIZED products) and 10% off your order of $40 or more!

Check out this page for all the details and the coupon code you need to use!

Now onto the review & swatches...

I already wrote a brief review of Wet n Wild's Rock Solid Nail Lacquer, but as I continue to paint my nails with the colors I'll continue to add swatches and reviews to both this blog and The Valentine Beauty Closet.

With all the Christmas movies on this weekend... especially on the Hallmark channel... I was in the holiday spirit. I sat around way too much on Saturday watching Christmas movies, although I always try to relax a little on the weekends (but I still always end up working... especially now with all the great new inventory that is coming to the website soon). Since I was in the holiday spirit I decided to paint my nails a snowy white shade. I have several shades that would work for what I had in mind, but in the end I decided to use Wet n Wild's Rock Solid Nail Lacquer in #228 Ice Crystals.

This shade is a pretty winter white with shimmer/glitter. From far away it may look just white, but upon closer inspection you can see all the beautiful shimmering and glittering details. In any light the nails just look pretty... like glistening snow!

I did use four thin coats to get the color you see in the swatch photos. This shade applies very sheer, which I don't mind with a shade like this. I can use this shade to layer over other colors, or I can build the layers up like I did to wear it alone. If you like the way sheer polishes look on your nails then you can stop at 2 layers.

I love this color and will probably be inspired to wear this shade again once the first snow fall of the year happens. I'll probably layer China Glaze "Fairy Dust" over top for extra glitter goodness.

You can purchase Wet n Wild's Rock Solid Nail Lacquer in 228 Ice Crystals on for $1.49 each. Other shades are available.

Some other news & upcoming blog posts:

  • Prices have changed at! I recently lowered many of our already low-priced items. Now you can save even more when you shop with us!
  • We will not have a Black Friday sale, but we will have a Cyber Monday sale! Details will be posted soon.
  • Our Ears To You fundraiser will begin tomorrow and last through the end of November. I'll give you all the details in tomorrow's blog post!
  • I've decided to hold all the new inventory for one big upload, rather than small uploads. I just don't have the time to do all these multiple product photoshoots. Instead, I'll just go step by step for all my new inventory and upload them all at once. I predict they'll go up on the website during the first week of December.

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